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So what does the Counting Carbohydrates Diet look like?First,it is a two-part program.In the first phase, carbohydrates are dramatically restricted.This type of limitation helps dieters lose weight immediately and continue to lose weight as long as they maintain the diet.But the sheer monotony of this diet-clearly a factor in making the diet so effective initially-also makes it virtually impossible to maintain for the long run.So,just when you are thinking that you just couldn't face another day of cheese omelets,salmon steaks,and salad,the diet adds back many of the carbohydrates you crave.With the addition of these foods,you will be able to continue to lose weight until you reach your target.Moreover,this is a diet you will be able to continue to enjoy,a satisfying eating program that will help you maintain your target weight,not just for now but for life.


Doctors have been concerned about the safety of this diet for hundreds of years.The criticism of recent generations of doctors has been that a diet so high in fat will increase your risk of heart disease by increasing cholesterol.That doesn't happen. Several recent studies have examined this issue, and it turns out that while LDL (bad) cholesterol stays about the same,HDL (good) cholesterol increases-and that reduces your risk of heart disease.And triglycerides,which increase risk of heart disease,decrease dramatically on this diet. In my own research,we looked at more than five hundred diets with diets that restricted fats or calories.We were particularly interested in the effects of a low-carb diet cholesterol.We found that no average those on low-carb diets had no change in their total cholesterol.So,while many doctors remain suspicious of this diet,the research suggest that for most people this diet is safe.


So far, I've just been talking about the theories behind this book what I have learned from my research about diets and appetites and dieters like you. A quick summary.

1. Diets do work-when there is a good match between the diet and the dieter.

2. An individual's optimal diet, your perfect diet,will be determined by many factors:

3.The science of satiety-what satisfies you--is still a young field,but it's beginning to reveal that much of what we need to satisfy us is hardwired.

4.Managing your weight can only be successful if you make it easy to do the right thing.

5.Getting out of shape did not happen overnight.Getting back into shape won't either.

6.The best diet for you will be the one that comes closest to fitting you as you are.

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Riding with Style

There is,however, physics changing your riding style.To compensate for the reduced maneuverability,one has to learn to use more body english, using more of
the whole body, especially the hips, to control the bike."your riding style will adjust," says Agu Paiso, singlespeed twenty-niner rider, editor-in-chief of a local fitness magazine and one of the partners behind bike distributor My Next bike. "if you choose the correct line, if you know how to turn with the bike and use your body, you can clean the same things that a smaller-wheeled bike can. "since twenty-niners offer greater traction, you can lean your bike more into tight turns. You will also have to learn to adjust your braking techniques to capitalize on the bike's increased momentum, whether going into turns or controlling your speed. So, there are tricks to riding a twenty-niner, something that old dogs may not be willing to learn.

Bamboo Bike Assembly

It seems the only thing more thrilling than riding a bike is building one. And there's really nothing to it, especially if you're planning on building a bamboo bike. Just learn how to build a bamboo bike and you'll find a list of materials you'll need (bamboo, a jig to hold the parts in place, some epoxy, some kind of fiber to wrap the joints) and what to do with said materials (measure and cut up bamboo, assemble in jig, epoxy bamboo together, and voila). Unfortunately, building a bamboo bike requires a bit more commitment than an Internet-direction assembly. The folks over at Kawayan Tech, who grow your bike, know a thing or two about building bamboo bike frames. They actually do cut, assembly, and apply epoxy while building their increasingly popular bamboo bikes; but they also sneak some trade secrets into production to ensure a ride more forgiving and ass-numbing than one on a metal bike.

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The living room color

The living room continues the color scheme all dark wood furniture contrasting with creamy beige sofas set against light yellow walls. Pillar candles and a bisque porcelain vase of white flowers set an beautiful mood while throw pillows whit exuberant floral prints, favorite pieces in the living room, add contrasting color. Coffee-table books, pomegranates and candles occupy the center table. The TV is hidden behind the wooden panels of a storage and entertainment wall unit, also in dark wood, and has shelves are filled with books, mostly science fiction and fantacy novels.

White living room

White is the absence of all the hues in the color wheel but its relaxing quality especially in this living area in cottonwood heights, which is enhanced by cool lighting and modern furnishings, creating a very luminous and surreal effect. From corner spot in a cottonwood heights room spells cozy. White walls treated with shoji blinds provide a soft effect. A forest green corner sofa, mini bench and stain coffee table give a horizontal touch to the ceiling and walls of white.

Spanish cuisine in the Philippines

Each delicacy is prepared and cooked true to the country of their origin. Even the serving platters used were to be enjoy the meal, Spanish wine is the beverage of choice. The unique taste of Spain's wines are due to the climate, grape variety and the laborious process of barrel aging . In this setting, a much larger goblet is used to further enhance the aroma of the wine served. To complete the dining experience, a sweet ending is most often than not a favorite choice. Whether you crave for cake, flan or ice cream, it can be served, the Spanish way of course.
Now Spain is not a plane ride away anymore. One only has to ride a cab or jeepney and if you're lucky, walk a few steps to have your taste of contemporary Spanish cuisine here in the Philippines.

Colorful rugs

Using soft furnishings in your decor is the easiest way to spruce up a room pillows and other accessories can add accent in small doses, but if you want major, big-time impact, you have to look underfoot.
carpets and rugs are the perfect pieces that can add drama to a room in a major way. Using them add color to a roon and delineate living areas or establish where furniture will be placed. With this, play and display brings in its new line of area rugs. These rugs are made of high density, soil-proof and resilient 100% acrylic yarn. These include the many rugs makers, each rug comes with tips on regular rug maintenance and care.

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Landscape 101

These requirements are set in a design program which the landscape architect translates into drawing and specifications for actual construction. All the landscape elements are classified into "hardscape" The hardscape elements are paved outdoor areas such as terraces, patios, walks and driveways as well as minor structures such as fences retaining walls, trellises and gazebos. Hardscape elements also include swimming pool fountains, playgrounds and plays courts.
These hardscape elements clearly delineate the areas for "softscape" which includes the lawn, ground cover, foliage,flowering shrubs and course, trees.
The success of any garden or landscape is seen in how well all these elements are blended and matched with the architecture of the house. Also important are systems or utilities which the landscape architect includes as part of the package. these are efficient site drainage, watering systems and landscape lighting. The also ensure easy maintenance after construction